Evelyn Wren Erotica

It’s a family affair.

Three sizzling stories about father figures, adopted brothers, and mothers-in-law you’d like to fuck. Out now. 

"Madeline knew Adam wasn’t satisfied…"

— Read about how she remedies this situation in My Slutty Son-In-Law. You can find it here or here. 
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Kaylee’s brother can’t say no.

Not when she asks like that. How far will she go to get what she wants? This far

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"Marissa loves being completely submissive to her husband…"

— See if she loves being used by another man just as much in Swapping Wives on Smashwords and Amazon

Three One-handed reads.

One tight package. Check out Online Encounters next time you have an entire weekend to play. 

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"Cute, blonde Ashley gets a special opportunity to earn some extra cash…"

Daddy’s Anal Angel on Smashwords or Amazon

F seeks MM for anonymous fun…

Being Laura is out now on Amazon and Smashwords!